Four Important Tips for Maintaining Your Restored Leadlight Doors

If you have acquired a leadlight door for your home, plan for an immediate restoration. In general, these doors have a classic appeal that lends elegance to modern homes. Moreover, these features are secure and durable. However, leadlight doors can experience significant wear over time. If this is the case for your acquired door, consult a professional for repair and refurbishment. In addition to the leadlight door restoration, use these tips to keep the feature in good condition.

Avoid Chemicals

Cleaning is the most important maintenance process for a leadlight door. Keep in mind that the accumulation of grime and dust will compromise the visual appeal of the door. Therefore, plan for regular housekeeping. Avoid using harsh commercial chemicals on the door during the cleaning process. Extreme acidity will cause damage to door components. Instead, use simple warm water or a mild soap during the process. If some paint residues are on the glass due to the restoration work or home improvement projects, use a solvent. However, keep it localised on the dirty spots.

Wipe the Material

When cleaning the door, avoid spraying your cleaning product on the leadlight door directly. This consideration is crucial even when using clear water or a mild soap. Spraying on the glass material could cause water drops to be trapped, causing accelerated wear. Instead, acquire a suitable cloth and spray your water or solution on it. Then, wipe the glass material with care. Note that some streaks might appear on the window after cleaning. Prevent the problem by wiping the residue moisture with a fresh dry cloth with chalk dust.

Check Metal Condition

The metal is critical for the appeal of the leadlight door design. In simple terms, the material has a complementary effect against the cast glass. Unfortunately, the metal can change appearance due to poor cleaning practices. For instance, polishing the metal surfaces will make the features shiny. As a result, the door will look modern instead of retaining a regal, olden appeal. Therefore, do not wash the metal along with the glass. In most cases, cleaning is not necessary. However, if you have noticed some grime, use a brush or steel wool to scrub lightly.

Inspect the Timber

The timber used in leadlight doors is highly durable, but it still susceptible to damage. Therefore, plan for regular inspections after the restoration process. Check for signs of wear like cracking, moisture damage or pest infestation. Conduct the assessment while cleaning. If you notice deterioration, consult your leadlight door restoration specialist for immediate repair.